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Patrick J. Alford

Patrick is 4 years old and the son
of Sara and Justin Alford of Middletown. Patrick loves cars, sports, his trampoline, music and especially John Cena. His wish is
to go to Disney and meet all of
the characters.

About Patrick

Patrick Joseph Alford was born on February 9th, 2017, at Newport Hospital to his mother Sara and father Justin. He has an older brother JJ. Patrick had a normal infancy up until about 6 months old.

At that age he began to regress on all his normal milestones. His pediatrician noticed that Patrick’s head was growing at an alarming rate. After numerous MRI’s and tests, Patrick was diagnosed with Macrocephalus, which is a genetic condition causing the buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid around the brain. Although we were told he would grow out of it, He continued to regress. Patrick began to have seizures and other problems. After 10 days in the hospital Patrick was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, which causes the buildup of fluid inside the ventricles in the brain and a cyst on the base of his brain blocking spinal fluid from draining into the spinal column.

Patrick’s intracranial pressure was extremely high. The Dr’s attempted to drain the fluid via numerous spinal taps. Patrick had to undergo two brain surgeries and had a shunt placed to help manage the pressure. Patrick has multiple permanent disabilities due to having increased pressure over an extended period. Those include mobility issues, left side body weakness, peripheral vision deficits and more. Patrick has multiple specialists on his team and is under constant supervision for the management of his seizures and cranial pressure. Despite all of Patrick’s hardships he is a happy boy.

We are so proud of him for how he carries himself through every appointment with a smile, a dance, and some chocolate pudding. Patrick loves all things a boy should. He loves cars, sports, jumping on his trampoline, music and wrestling. His favorite wrestler is John Cena. Patrick’s wish is to go to Disney and meet all the characters. Thank you to Aquidneck Charity Golf and Rosemary’s Wish Kids for the amazing generosity of support.

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